Information For Buyers


Your Agent at Sibley Realty & Associates, L.L.C. can assist you through the process of purchasing a new home. Below is an example of the steps involved in buying your next home.
  1. Determine the criteria for your new home.
  2. Contact your Sibley Realty & Associates, L.L.C. Agent.
  3. Contact a Mortgage Company for Pre-Approval.
  4. Determine the Time Frame for the move and the price range of the home you qualify to purchase.
  5. Visit Homes Which Meet Your Criteria with your Agent.
  6. Work with your agent to present an offer on the home you wish to purchase.
  7. At the Acceptance of your offer, notify the Mortgage Company and complete the Mortgage Process.
  8. Complete any Home Inspection, or other Contingencies within the required time frame.
  9. Select a Closing Attorney. The Mortgage Company will often have an Attorney that they recommend.
  10. Remove any Contingencies related to the Contract.
  11. Select a Closing Date.
  12. Arrange for Homeowners Insurance for your new home.
  13. Contact Utility Company to set up services.
  14. Contact a Moving Company.
  15. Conduct a Pre-Closing Inspection.
  16. Notify the Post Office, Newspapers and Magazines of your new address. Send Announcements to your friends and family with your new contact information.
  17. Enjoy your new home.

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