The Sibley realty Advantage

how we work hard (and smart) for you

Sibley Realty works with home buyers and sellers throughout the Metro Atlanta area. With every client, we develop a personalized plan designed to find the perfect home or to find the perfect buyer. We use our years of experience, along with the latest real estate industry tools, to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

For Buyers

For home buyers, we begin with a discussion about what you want in your home. We listen carefully to the features you want, family needs such as schools or activities, desired locations, and anything else that would contribute to your finding the “perfect” new home.

From there, we consult our listings and home databases. We also use our extensive knowledge of the Metro Atlanta area to help you determine the communities and neighborhoods that fit you and your family.

Once you have home options to consider, we’ll help you through the offer process so that you get seller acceptance and we continue to work with you through to the closing process. We’re there. Every step of the way.

For Sellers

For clients selling their homes, we start with a meeting to learn about your home, your goals with selling, and other factors that might affect the selling process (such as a job transfer). We then start doing our research.

We look carefully at a variety of factors:

But we realize that statistics don’t tell us the whole story. That’s when we use our experience in specific market areas (down to the neighborhood) to identify other factors that might affect your selling price or the time on the market. Often, this can provide you with a quicker closing or a significantly higher sale prices.

Once a profile of potential buyers has been identified, we implement a custom marketing plan that creates the right visibility for your property with the people most likely to buy. We help you manage offers and counter offers, address any issues that may affect the sale, and help with any realtor-related issues up to closing.

When the marketing strategy is created for your home, it’s put it into action. Professional photography (stills and video, including aerial footage) captures the beauty of your home and neighborhood, and digital marketing tools put these images in front of buyers, along with all the other details needed to get you offers.

We’re Ready To Help

When you’re ready to talk to a Realtor, please let us know. We’ll tell you more about our firm, connect you with a Realtor who’ll work with you directly, and help you move quickly to a successful transaction.