Information for sellers

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

First Impressions are an important part of the sales process especially in the current market. The Agents at Sibley Realty & Associates, L.L.C. have prepared a checklist to help you set the stage for your prospective buyers.

Exterior/Yard and Grounds

  • Your front door makes an essential first impression. It should be freshly painted, oiled or at least cleaned.
  • Maintain a well manicured lawn. Keep the shrubs neatly trimmed and be sure leaves are raked.
  • Put a fresh layer of pine straw on pine islands.
  • Repair broken steps and walkways. Be sure to pick up any toys, bicycles and tools.
  • Hose off or pressure wash exterior wood and trim.
  • Clean all windows and repair any torn screens or replace existing ones.
  • If you have an outside patio or deck, make sure any lawn furniture, gas grills or exposed wood are in good repair.
  • Be sure gutters and downspouts are cleaned.
  • Keep the area around the garbage cans neat and free of trash.
  • Be sure woodpiles are neatly stacked.
  • Paint or replace your mailbox and post.

The House Interior

  • Living Rooms, Kitchens, and Bathrooms are key to the sale of a home. Keep these areas clean and in good condition.
  • Keep appliances, fixtures and counter tops clean. Remove unnecessary clutter from counter tops. Keep hardwood and tile floors clean. Vacuum carpets thoroughly, clean if needed. Replace carpet if it is worn.
  • Bathrooms should sparkle and smell fresh. Recaulk tubs and showers if needed.
  • If closet or cabinet doors stick or if folding doors are off track, repair them. Be sure sliding doors operate smoothly.
  • Clean out closets. Pack items you do not use. An organized closet appears larger.
  • Turn on all lights or lamps. If any rooms within the house are dark during daylight hours, keep curtains, blinds or drapes open. Be sure that all windows are clean and gleaming.
  • If the interior needs painting, use neutral colors.
  • Make your rooms look spacious. Rearrange or remove furniture if needed. Keep accessories to a minimum.
  • Keep all stairways clear.
  • Pack away personal collections and photos.
  • All beds should be made. Attractive bedspreads and window treatments are a must.
  • Dogs, Cats or any pets should be secured during showings.
  • Keep jewelry, checkbooks and all other valuables in a secure place.
  • Set out fresh flowers. Fill the house with a pleasant aroma.
Remember that we at Sibley Realty & Associates, L.L.C. are partnering with you to market your home and to assist you with the sale of your current home.

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