I am Deborah Sibley Collett, the Owner and Broker of Sibley Realty & Associates, LLC.  I opened this company in 2009, in memory of my father, Wayne Sibley.   Dad obtained his Real Estate license in the early 1970’s and continued in the business to obtain his Broker License.  He worked in the Real Estate field for over 30 years.  He loved this business!  He always had a dream that one of his children would one day work with him and carry on the company.  My brother and I both told him “No” several times.  I had my own business and did not want to change careers.  After many years of discussion, I decided to join him in a minor role as his Assistant.  My Dad was a smart man; he knew that if he could just get me involved, I would fall in love with this business.  He was correct! 

I learned so much working with my Dad.  He was always sharing great words of wisdom.  I remember my Dad telling me that one of the reasons he enjoyed this business was because every day was a new day and you never knew what the day would bring.  He was right.  Every day at Sibley Realty offers new challenges and exciting opportunities.  I continue to learn and grow in this business daily.

One of the most memorable statements that my Dad said regularly was, “At the end of the day, your character is how you will be remembered.”  My Dad will always be remembered as a man of Integrity.  We at Sibley Realty choose to work each day in such a way as to carry on his legacy and to do business in such a way that our clients will remember us as Agents with Integrity.

My Dad was the eternal optimist!  He also used to tell me that we do not have “problems” in this business, we have “opportunities.”  I believe that to be true.  We work diligently at Sibley Realty and we do not give up easily when faced with challenges.  We take each challenge or problem and turn it into an opportunity.  We all love our work and love our clients.  It is a pleasure to serve you and this community.